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Sushi, apples, and iced tea

Today for lunch I had the most delicious sushi!! I got a California roll and Tempura ebi roll. So wonderful and what a nice combination^^ A filling meal of sushi for $9.25 makes my day! The sushi restaurant is just across the street from my apartment and is called Sakura. I will have to remember that I do not have the money to eat there everyday, though... :p

Slightly more disappointing was my apple and iced tea from the grocery store. The apples are "perfect" looking - shiny and spotless. This is precisely the problem. They must have some weird chemicals all soaked through or else are genetically manipulated. Hmmm... I mean, I peeled them, but they still taste almost too shiny. Then, the iced tea has too much citric acid! Well, iced tea should not have any citric acid, but this is the price I pay for store-bought foodstuffs. When I get my own place, I will plant some mint and cook up my own iced tea in a big pot on the stove. I look forward to that day^^

Where my place will be is another question...but I am not going to go into that now!
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