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Daily Bread - Deuteronomy 21:1-23

Daily Bread

Title: Social laws of various sorts
Deuteronomy 21:1-23

Today's reading is a series of laws regarding people's conduct in a variety of social situations. First is in unsolved murder, second is in captive women during times of war, third is the case of the rights of sons, fourth is what to do with a rebellious child, and the fifth speaks of the manner in which to deal with the bodies of certain dead. Through these, we see that there is a proper way to act so as to show respect to God, to countrymen, and to individuals. When we have a proper attitude towards God and people both, we are able to live lives that are good and not prone to do evil or selfishly.

We know that he who hates his brother is not of God, as John tells us. We are also told to love our neighbors as ourselves. These things seem obvious, but really, they are difficult.

By nature, we love ourselves and want to protect ourselves. We easily get consumed with thoughts of ourselves and our minds revolve around our needs and our desires like a spinning moon. Oftentimes, as I sit, I think about all the work I need to do. I think about all the stress that is in my life. I feel sorry for myself or look forward to the chance to talk to people and tell them how wild my day has been. Yet, when I do, I sometimes see that they have had a much more painful day than I have. In my selfish eagerness, I couldn't wait to get acknowledgment from them; but in the end, it is I who feel embarrassed and ashamed.

Instead, let us seek God's heart. We may not know how to love on our own - but this is why God teaches us of His love -- an amazing love that is the light of all men. This we can know and share freely. Let us love others humbly by God's grace so we can treat them with all mercy and justice and honor. By seeking to uplift God and others, instead of our own desires, we do good.

One Word: Right relationship with men and God
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