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Daily Bread - Deuteronomy 22:1-30

Daily Bread

Title: Take responsibility
Deuteronomy 22:1-30

The one who forgets his coat, pick it up and return it to him. Don't ignore it.
If a lost ox or donkey is found nearby, take it in and care for it until the time the owner returns looking for it. Don't ignore it.
Such duties are common responsibilities we have toward our neighbors. Are these too much to ask? Yet don't we often feel like it's too much for us to even bother with. In such a case, we must remember that those who can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with very much, according to Luke 16:10. Let us not turn a blind eye to those we can help. In fact, let us put forth more effort to do good for them and be a blessing to them! It's the least we can do in this dreary and turbulent world to share a little light.

As for the rest, let me just say this. (And this is of my own voice.)
When children toy with fire, a whole city can be destroyed. So it is with serious matters. Curses or blessings, weighty things should not be tampered with by an ignorant or ignoring mind. It is a reminder to treat all life with respect, all aspects of life and all living ones. More than these, then, I should fear and honor the Living God.

Yes, let us respect one another and act in upright, pure ways. Let us be living sacrifices that are holy and set apart in this alien place, this foreign world.

One Word: Our Responsibility To Others


Today I jumped out of bed at 8:45. I was already late! I needed to start my homework sooner than this... So I worked some on my Java report. At 11:45, I left for lunch and a meeting. On the walk to campus I was praying for our pastors and our nation's leaders, as we are commanded in Luke 20. I couldn't help but enjoy the new, green leaves around me and watch a black crow fly across the blue, blue sky. "Were the whole realm of nature mine..."
Just about then, I stopped in my steps, eyes fixed on it?...yes, a four-leaf clover. And then another, and another!! Haahaa! I think I picked a whole seven out of the patch. Some good clover genes at work there^^ I think they are still in my purse now, except for the two I gave to the students I met with at 1:00.
I got a $2.60 sandwich. It is now my standard. Vegan chicken salad with horseradish, lettuce, tomato, and sprouts on honey wheat bread. Mmm, so very tasty. I ate this and read some Colossians until the students arrived.
Starting at 1:00, I was at work on coding 'till just after 6:00. I was so frustrated and panicked that I started to cry when the fire alarm went off at 5:45. (My nerves are shot today.) To my surprise, I found that my roommate Jae set it off with her green tea muffins, which she was trying to bake to surprise me! She is so sweet...and I was such a bundle of stress. Still, at the very last possible minute, there was code that ran!! God is good. Jehovah Jireh is His name! :) God my rock, my hope. He is the One who hears me, the One who knows me, the One who is the author and creator of my story. It felt so nice to be able to sing "He is exalted." No, it felt so right.

He is exalted the Lord is exalted on High
I WILL praise Him.

I will praise Him today, tomorrow, and for all time - someday within His presence and His face will not be hidden from me. The One who made me and the One who paid for my redemption I will see and He will welcome me home. Just like this hectic and burdensome semester will end, someday I will throw off the weight of the suffering of this flesh and take on a new body. The battle will be over.

Still, now I am a soldier. I shield myself with faith, protect my heart with righteousness. My weapon is a Spirit of truth, light, and love. I gird my feet not with rage or thirst for violence, but with peace. My helmet that keeps my mind is the hope of a Salvation that is real and ensured. This war is against the chains of darkness, the voices that whisper of rebellion and lies. I stand against forces that wish to destroy me, crush me, tear me to pieces. Forces that long to harm and wound and terrorize. Yet I must stand. Do I not know that I am kept under the wings of God? I am safe in the midst of battle under the shadow of His wings. He makes His servants like a strong tower, a wall that will not be torn down. He makes them so when they trust Him with a full heart and a real understanding.

Though this world is lost to sin and will be recreated, I can still see God's touch. In the tiny yellow wildflowers and the sound of rushing waters. Songbirds on the spring trees and the hearts of the humble all speak to me of God's handiwork. He is Alive. I cannot help but long to praise Him with my being. Yet, so many worldly tasks to be done... Silly Oracle and code!
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