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My homework today...bitter

This database project is taxing me more and more each day. Today, it was SQL reports that made my head spin. I am so tired of this project that I am just angry with it! I don't know why, but I got so angry today working on it - and for those that know me, I do not easily get that way...

Well, we have been working on it since the first day of class, January 30.
The report is already over 70 pages long and it is far from being finished.
We have two running versions of the database in Oracle with about 40 tables total in each.
In addition, we have a half-finished Cold Fusion site that "runs" queries and generates lists of various data.

At this point, I am working on the report. It will consist of the following:
-Project Description
-Requirements Analysis
-E-R Conceptual Data Schema
-Schema of Tables
-Printout of all data entered into the database, table by table
-SQL Queries and Reports
-Cold Fusion Queries and Reports, with weblayout
-Text Plans for Data Input Forms
-Project Wrap-up essay

When this is done...I will feel so very relieved. This database is heavy stuff - heavy on my back! :(

Ahh, well, at least for a little while before bed I can relax by writing Braille and listening to 'Truly.' ^_^ Sometimes I just need to do something tactile to unwind from a long day of brain-work.
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