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Daily Bread - Deuteronomy 24:1-22

Daily Bread

Title: Love your neighbor as yourself
Deuteronomy 24:1-22
Key Verse 18

I must remember. Remember the grace of God. With a mighty hand, He snatched me from death and filled me with new life. It is the same hand that delivered His people Israel from slavery in Egypt. The weak were made strong and I who was wandering have been set on the path.

Now, with a clear mind and a sensitive heart, I need to look to those around me.

God redeems His children not so they can hoard up His blessings or push people out of the way to get to the prize. No, we are called to show the same grace and love that our Father has shown us. We must live generous, helpful, and caring lives. Really, when our heart is aligned with God's, we will do these things naturally.

We should have the heart of Boaz, an upright man of Bethlehem. He did not turn away the widows and the fatherless from his fields in times of harvest. In fact, he watched out for the welfare of the alien widow from Moab who came to collect barley. And God blessed him and his family richly -- he was the great-grandfather of King David. That woman was Ruth.

May I have a heart of giving, loving others more than myself, as my Father in heaven loves us with a heart of sacrifice - sacrificing His one and only Son.

One Word: Be a blessing to others, not a curse to yourself


I am listening to Bjork in the free time I have right now. I love how some of her songs just spread out a scene before the eyes, and before the mind, with only minimal music and a siren's voice. I only have one of her albums, and some songs are kind of weird, but I do think I will put more on my Christmas list for this year^^

In particular, I am really moved by 'All is Full of Love.' It's as if the air were bubbles of magic. So beautiful and delicate. Yet so weighty with the magnitude.
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