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Daily Bread - Deuteronomy 25:1-19

Daily Bread

Title: Respect your fellow man and woman
Deuteronomy 25:1-19

God lays out commandments for justice.
When people do evil acts, they are to be punished justly, but not so much that they are degraded to others. If a man will not fulfill the role of brother-in-law for his brother's widow, he is to be punished, for he is not honoring his brother or sister-in-law. Just as yesterday, we see very clearly how to honor others, even in awkward situations. Simply because someone has done evil does not mean we can hate them and punish them to our heart's desire. No, we should have God's heart and seek to save them, rather than damn them. What is evil cannot dwell with God. And no Amalekite was to be a friend of Israel. Yet, we should not hate the evil in people but see the hope God planted in them by His mighty act of creation. God's will is that none might perish. Do we share this desire or do we seek to condemn?

It is Jesus Christ who saves.
It is Satan who condemns.

Which side does our heart stand on? With which voice do we cry?

We really need to examine ourselves. What is our heart towards others? Do we enjoy watching others fall or do we seek to light a lamp for others to see so they might not stumble? Our Lord Jesus came humbly to serve - so why are we such prideful and selfish creatures?

Also, in reading this chapter, aren't verses 7-10 interesting? Wow. For some reason, the sandal reminds me of how in medieval Japan a woman could claim sanctuary in a temple from an angry husband if even one of her geta sandals fell within the temple limits as she ran toward it.


One Word: Honor and Love your brothers
Tags: daily bread, deuteronomy

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