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Daily Bread - Deuteronomy 26:1-19

Daily Bread

Title: Overcoming selfish desire
Deuteronomy 26:1-19
Key Verse 18

Here is something interesting about human nature.
Why is it that we so quickly turn to God in need and not in thanks? We pray so very hard when we are in pain or difficulty, yet suddenly forget about God when we find relief. I can say that I have acted this way - and I know I still have the tendency to do even now.

When we are suffering from anger or sadness or any other evil thing, we immediately turn to others to seek help or consolation. Yet, when we receive blessings, what is the first thing we do? We seek to enjoy it for ourselves. If I get a big piece of key lime pie, I immediately shut everything else out to enjoy it and focus completely on it alone. I don't want to share and I don't care what others may be eating.

It is human nature to be selfish like this, even in small things. Selfishness is a kind of limitation in thought where you cannot see past yourself. God does not want us to be limited, or to be trapped, but to be free. He wants us to see the truth and not just be stuck in our own little worlds.

In this passage, the people Israel were given ways to help train themselves to be less selfish. First, they were to give God an offering of first fruits to remember what He has done for them and what blessings they have! Second, they were told to declare their history and the freedom and riches they were given. This was to give them a sense of time and appreciate where they were and all that had been done for them. Finally, they were to give to the Levites, fatherless, and aliens to teach them the joy of giving. We, too, can be thoughtful to God by giving to him, to needy people, and reading his word to remember all He has done for us!! Let's be free and joyful people! :)

One Word: Joy that overcomes selfishness


Some poetry... It's been a long time.

Old Pen

Dark blue ink
Staining the page with glyphs
The mind spills out


Evening class

First Hour,
seven bells and forty students
idly they murmur
Professor holds the bucket
Draws the sponge's swath
across the blackboard, again

Heart of Europe stings me
Why is it all in reverse?

Second Hour,
eight bells and tired students
Red light flickers
On the chalk-coated recorder
I, also a scribe,
armed with pencil and with lead

Lead on, to understanding!
Show us the path to knowledge!


Tonight, after I stepped out of class, I felt like I was inside a sapphire. The peak of the sky was of the deepest, richest, most royal blue. The horizon, then, was of beryl and a lit with the bright white star (of Venus?). So gorgeous. So fine that I felt I was looking on to the throne of a king.

Now, I am spent. Tomorrow, Bible study, tutoring, Database meeting. Hopefully, we can finish up the main part of the work, leaving only formatting issues to clean up. This project might just turn out to be an amazing success! I keep asking myself, "Can that really be true after so much struggle?"

Wait, today was my last Tuesday classes for this semester... Wow. While it was a very difficult semester, I can't seem to believe it is coming to an end. I am not sure how to feel. Well, besides relieved from the burden.
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