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Daily Bread - Luke 13:31-35

Daily Bread

Title: Jesus' Love for Jerusalem
Luke 13:31-35
Key Verse 34

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!"

Only a patient and loving heart could say such words. Only one full of grace could still care for an enemy. God's people killed the messengers that God sent, yet what did God do? He did not destroy them out of anger or forsake them forever. No, He sent His Son to go and take their evil, their sins, the curse of their hatred and rebellion upon himself on a tree and pay the price for them.

Where Jesus began this verse by reflecting on all the evil Jerusalem had done and probably thinking on what it would do to him, he did not end his words in anger or despair. No, he spoke kind and gentle words of the grace he had for them, if they would only come. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and his will, the Will of God, is that people - God's creations - would turn and follow him. He promises to guide his sheep to still waters and to green pastures. He does not want to snag us and enslave us but to free us and bless us richly.

In remembering Jesus' love, let us seek to have an attitude like this -- the love that is longsuffering, kind, and hopeful. With this mindset, we can serve and help others, even if the work is very hard. See all the work that Jesus did in this passage! Love and laziness did not go hand in hand. Let's also work hard and feed his sheep, as he asks!

On this day, let us also praise and bless our mothers who love us! I know my mom has given me sooo much love over the years and I want to thank her ^__^ She suffered a lot to keep me safe when I was young and liked to wander around^^ She listens to me anytime I feel like talking. Even now, when I am far away, she now supports me with prayer so I can get through these long days! She is a super mom ^-^ Happy Mother's Day to her!

One Word: Love that is patient and merciful
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