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Daily Bread - Luke 14:12-24

Daily Bread

Title: Are you coming to the great feast?
Luke 14:12-24
Key Verse 15

"Blessed is the man who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God."

Come to the great banquet! Come to the feast! There is room to spare...
This is a parable about a man who was preparing a great banquet. He had invited many of his friends and people he knew. Yet when he sent out to see if they were coming, they all had excuses.
Well, I just bought some property and want to check it out.
Oh, umm, but I want to go try out my new yoke of oxen...
Ah, I just got married. Sorry.
Each person would was invited, one by one, turned down the invitation.
The question to ask myself is, do I see the things of this world more important and deserving of my time than seeking God's kingdom and His banqueting table?

You know it's funny.
A few years ago, I said, "Of course I think God is more important than my stuff in life." Yet these were just words. I could not back this up with anything. There were no works to match my faith. There was no evidence that I spoke the truth. I hardly read my Bible, I didn't like praying. How could I say God is important to me and never even turn to get to know God? I think it is a misconception we have, or I have, that one can have some ideal in mind and revere it in a conceptual way, but then never make it real. But Christianity is not an idea, it is a walk of life, a reality. If we are not watching ourselves and constantly seeking God, how can we claim that we are making our way to the banquet? Surely, if we are not turned toward God, we will move father away from His great hall.
He has invited us all, so why is it so hard to accept the invitation?

One Word: RSVP - I am coming!
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