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Lj changes, seasonal observations

First, I say thanks to God that I made it through two of my three classes!! Hooray! Only database left to go... I stood thinking this in the warm and breezy air last night at the dark bus stop.

Now, I meant to post the following observations last night, but I was looking at Star Wars pictures^^

I. On the trail of the...
The other day as I was walking behind the building, I saw some animal droppings. Now, I would normally be disgusted by this, but the ranger in me said, "Wait! Let's take a closer look!" I am not really a ranger like Strider, but I could tell that some fairly large animal had been on the path. My immediate feeling was that it must have been a horse. But that idea was ridiculous, because all the trails here are pavement and how they would get the horses there in the first place was beyond me. Still, I really didn't think it was a deer...

Low and behold, to my surprise, I heard the sound of clip-clop as I made my way to school yesterday! Two horses and riders on English saddles were making their way across the bridge. I felt bad for them, since this is not the most ideal place for horses. Just for me, though, it was very exciting.

Oh, and as I continued through the narrow woods, I noticed that the patch of four-leaf clovers is still there. I think I gleaned about seven 4-leafers there last week! If anyone wants one for finals week, I could give you more details - heehee.

II. Nature's Revelation
As I passed by the cherry trees, I ran my eye over the green and rounded leaves. A few weeks ago, they were white wings on the arms of the trees and now they are simple, humble green leaves. No one not already knowing would suspect they are magical. But, I knew. Knowing even when not seeing - is this what faith is?

Those cherries live most of the year as normal trees. Then, once a year, their glory is revealed. It is a hidden, deep, miraculous revelation of something. Their soul is brought to the external. So, after all, this is what Zeami meant...

III. Candy is not appealing when
I stood by the candy machine at 3:45 yesterday afternoon, hands in my pockets. I wanted something, but it wasn't candy. I was eager to get my hands on a good art book, a big, heavy one, and sit at a desk and flip through the pages one by one, examining the detail. In particular, I wanted to look at the Star Wars costume book that we had at Gettysburg. But, UM Libraries do not have a holding?! I was disappointed. I went to the bookstore and found the next best thing - a Star Wars Encyclopedia with pictures! This was all to relieve my mind from the waiting for the 6:00 pm exam. Maybe my severe interest in art is due to a heightened sensitivity being in finals week. My mind is on full power and ready...

IV. Can you tell that I am in one of my Star Wars moods?
I finally changed my livejournal layout! It takes a lot to get me to do this... I was going to make a Dev icon, but instead, why look, I already have a layout in storage. applies. I am considering increasing my lj icon count to the full 100, but have not actually done it yet. There's a few icons I really want to reload for use (Sant'Apollinare Nuovo being one), but I am up to my limit of 42 already.

As I am looking at this layout, it reminds me of the four guardians you always see in Japanese temples, crusing the evil underfoot. Except they usually look like strong and mighty warriors, where Dev is just...good ol' Dev^^

V. Today
I really need to start studying for my last final. I also need to finish the individual report for that class sometime today. I am almost there...yet, this is where motivating myself becomes hard because I am already celebrating!
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