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Braille for work/hobby

I want to be a volunteer Braille transcriptionist! I would do it for a living, but apparently since special printers can do the work a lot faster than me, there isn't much future in that. Still, it sounds like they do need volunteers to proofread and transcribe some things. When I am finished with school, I want to get my certification :) Better yet, I can get a head start while I am on my break! I wonder if I could get certified to do Japanese Braille someday, then, too?

Instruction Manual for Braille Transcribing

I think this would be a nice hobby and also a healthy one. My eyes are exhausted from looking at computer screens all day. They could use a break during the days.

Now, I plan to practice my Grade 1 Braille over break. The trouble is...what do I transcribe? There are so many choices! I am considering the opening chapter of Silmarillion, or maybe part of the Truce at Bakura, since I am in a Star Wars mood. Or, I could do the book of Ruth or Jude. Hmmm.

...I wonder what Braille poetry looks like? I bet they could do all kinds of fun things with that.

(As you can see, my database studying is really... umm... not getting done as quickly as I'd planned.)
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