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793, Vast, Bakura, French Pasta

The report is 88 pages and (I think) done.
I would jump up and down, but I am so exhausted. "When I am up I can't get down" - and when I am this tired I can't get up :p hee

Instead, I am sitting here listening to Vast. The line of the song I am on goes: 'I understand' and it just resonates so nicely in word and idea.

During my break, I ended up trying to draw. Not much came out of it, though I did get to think more about Bakura. I was weaving in my mind what would have happened if Dev had lived to see another novel. Would he have become a full-fledged Jedi or just made a quiet home back on his homeworld? I somehow doubt he could really live there after what happened, though. I wonder if he could even go back at all? Yet, I think he must, in order to overcome his past. That would have been interesting to read about... I suppose that is what fan fiction is for, ne?

I also didn't want to forget this -- the leftover French pasta was great cold for lunch. I still had half my breadstick, too. Tomato, chicken, basil, spinach on bow-tie pasta is delicious...

And now...*zzzz*
Tags: books, food, music

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