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I am done with this semester!! \^__^/

How did I celebrate? With a very long nap...^^ Tonight I will attend the prayer meeting and then will commence cleaning ops on my room. I am very excited. I am also very drowsy.

Today I saw two yellow finches taking a bath in the creek and paper jellyfish hanging from the ceiling of the Union Building. After eating lunch, I walked back to my apartment and sat on a big stone by the creek. I watched the scenery for a while, but then I got cold and went inside.

I got some news from home that was bitter-sweet. When I go home, I can now go cuddle the cats Creamsicle (aka Dot) and Alice all I want. The reason I can do this is because my old grumpy one-eyed cat passed away and won't claw at us. My grandmother found her in the old dog house sleeping a few weeks ago. She was probably over 14 years old. :(

I plan to post about Melchizedek and Levi sometime soon, but right now I am too rushed and sleepy to do a good job. Maybe I will wait until after I read the play Athelie.

Wow, there's so much to do!

[Edit, 5 mins later - like this meme!]

You are C++. You are very popular and open to suggestions.  Many have tried to be like you, but haven't been successful
Which Programming Language are You?

What? I am not popular at all! >.>
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