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House of Mourning - Comments

Ecclesiastes 7:2

I was thinking about this verse today at the funeral. If I learned anything, it was just this - that spending time in the house of mourning opens your eyes to see others. It is easy to become focused on ourselves and lose interest in helping others. Yet, listening and thinking today, I found I was stirred to reach out to others in small ways. Perhaps by letters or visits. Life can be a difficult and lonely journey and we need to support each other as much as we can.

I know that my life is truly blessed and I do not want to keep it all to myself. I will keep this in mind so that next time, instead of choosing my own desire, I will seek to work harder to support others. This could be through acts or simply prayer. Still, I should not spend all my energy on only myself.

Love your neighbor as yourself, I remind myself :) And it is not a troubling thought, but encouraging^^
Tags: death, ecclesiastes

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