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Summer break

In teaching about Jeremiah today, my father likened the shark Jaws to a person's sin problem. People often ignore the fact that there's a shark out there/that there is sin in there and they "ignore this particular problem until it swims up and bites you!" The parallel was rather amusing, but also kind of serious.

The message is to not wait around until it is too late...

In other news, I have the spark for a new potential story tying together two dreams I have had. One dream is from about 7 years ago - the other from about 7 days ago.

I have a whole long list of my recent news, too, if anyone is curious to see what I have been up to.

Monday May 21 - funeral all morning followed by a funeral lunch at the house in New Columbia; watched Jaws; attended choir; watched the end of 24 (it was a bit too predictable)

Tuesday May 22 - grocery + sandals shopping at the huge Super Wal-Mart they just built; laundry; attended a viewing; church social committee meeting over tea and tandy cakes; watched Jurassic Park

Wednesday May 23 - went to Rochester to get my brother; dad forgot the key to the car-top carrier, so we had to get maintenance to help pry it open :p

Thursday May 24 - got a haircut (my brother, too); visited Nancy's yard sale; ate hot dogs and chips for lunch at gram and pap's; watched Matt play the Rome MOD; played Star Wars Racer just for kicks; hamburger helper for dinner; played Bible Pictionary and Scattergories outside on the stone patio; ate Ann's strawberry ice cream for dessert; watched Matt beat the intro to MGS3; slept under the moonlight that shone through my window

Friday May 25 - ordered textbooks for the summer; downloaded Eclipse to the laptop and played with my application; ate a Cadbury egg for dessert and got a headache; played Red Faction; got fixed up at the chiropractor's; rested, making notes for my story and listening to music; ate sukiyaki dinner at the Miller's (it was delicious!); spent the rest of the evening sitting out in their screenhouse by the above-ground pool; watched a re-run of Numb3rs

Saturday May 26 - China King Buffet for lunch, wore my Wallops Island hat; played Stepmania with fingers and then feet; burned CDs of my brother's IDM music; visited the Brown's for cards and homemade ice cream

Sunday May 27 - church and Sunday school followed by barbecue for lunch; played Halo just to mess around; listened to a thunderstorm; took a five minute nap

and now I am here :)

Tonight we will have some chicken and rice, then visit gram and pap to sit, chat, and relax. I am excited. I am also drowsy.
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