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794, MGS

I survived the first day of 7 hours of lecture. I actually enjoyed it :) It is a software evaluation class, so we began by discussing the range of available software and the basics of evaluation criteria. With the instructor's permission I will evaluate several graphics software. I am really looking forward to it! (I was tempted to look at web browsers, or programming debuggers like Eclipse, or Braille conversion software, or video games...^^ Hey, video games are software, too!)

I was really tired when I got back, though. I ate the chicken-filling-corn dinner sent by my grandmother and then made icons. I think that's what I did... Yeah. I didn't sleep very well last night, so I am really tired. Tomorrow I have another 5 hours of lecture, so I need to get good sleep to prepare myself. The class after tomorrow is the midterm. Waa! We just started.

I begin my Tuesday-Thursday class this coming week. I will probably start Bible study, too, though I am not sure which day would be best to have it. I have to sit down and figure that out.

You know, I have been watching too much MGS when I have a tendency to walk right under the camera on the forest path to my apartment instead of in its field of vision. Also, when the artifacts in my eye (that look like an amoeba) remind me of the Sorrow and I catch myself looking closer to see if he has a chalkboard with the remaining time.
I need to get myself a decent watch.
I also need to get some decent sleep^^

But first, I need to print out my project proposal.
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