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University Bible Fellowship

The church/fellowship I am involved with here in Washington is one of the University Bible Fellowships (UBF). I didn't realize that they had branches all over the world! North American chapters
From the European map, they apparently also have churches in Croatia, too!

I will be back in weekly Bible study, prayer meetings, church, and a special study of the book of Romans starting tomorrow.

It's been quite a period of development for me. I am rather slow when it comes to professional academic growth (writing thorough papers, analyzing and completing projects, etc). Grad school has really taught me a lot, though. In particular, I find Dr. Soergel's classes to be really meaningful and interesting. I feel that I have picked up many insights and useful skills and experience in my first year of school.

While the schoolwork has had a major impact on me, it's Bible study that has really changed me. Schoolwork is a challenge that causes me to adapt to new schedules and tasks, but Bible work is a challenge that causes me to see from a new outlook. I could learn every discipline, but it would not really cut deep enough to heal me. True wisdom, though, is a double-edged sword that tests the heart.

I have feet - I am ready.
I have ears - I am open.
I have faith - all is not by chance and I have not been put here for no purpose. For now, that is to study. Still, I don't feel that it is enough. I feel like I need to do more. Even when I run myself ragged and am exhausted and dizzy-minded, I feel like I am not doing. School does not satisfy me anymore with a sense of purpose like it once did.

This is healthy; soon I will shift to something new.
Should I be doing more to prepare?
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