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Tired out chasing after bits

This weekend, I've felt like I have been picked up and tossed about. Finally it's left me thrown in a corner. I think that's what happens when I get caught up in a mood. I suppose the shift from school, home, and back has complicated matters. Also, it's the first time in well over 10 months since I have stumbled upon something to spark my fervent fandom spirit. This can be fun, but it is also troublesome. With it comes this stubborn, unrelenting sense that I cannot stop until I have eaten up all the imagery and story that I can. Since coming across desired video game footage/stills is harder than with DVDs, I get really impatient. Hopefully, I can settle myself back down and get back into study mode, because this mood is tiring me out. I need to remind myself that the break time I get in August can be devoted to games; but this is not the time!

This kind of reminds me how I felt in Croatia when I was dying to play Ocarina of Time. I had gotten the game shortly before that time and the whole year I was overseas, I kept itching to play it. It's kind of silly, but when I get hooked on something, I am hooked for a while. Also, thinking on it, I often fall for really obscure movies/games/characters. Whether this is good or bad, I can't quite say.
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