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It was a long day, but with IDM at the end

It was one of those days where I want to crash afterwards!

I started with a challenging Bible study from 10:00-11:30am. It is very good material (John chapter 12), but it is not easy to take to heart. I can say that I long to serve God, but when I have to suffer, I don't like that. The truth is, sometimes, I would much rather play online than pray. So why do I think it is so easy to deny myself and take up my cross? I still have a lot to learn :) This unsettled feeling inside may be uncomfortable, but it is a good sign. It means something inside me is working...

After Bible study, I grabbed a quick and easy lunch. Then I worked on my evaluation checklist. I did this for a few hours, then took off for the library. I didn't find any helpful books at the EPSL Library, but I did at the Art Library. On the way up the hill, I stopped at Stamp Union to pick up my last textbook and check for video game guides... >.> Well, I found comic books, but no video game guides. That's ok, maybe I will have mom bring the MGS3 one I got while in Japan for my brother (the one he refuses to look at! So what if it is in a language you can't read :p It has pictures and stuff...)

Class this evening was long and cold. I sat in the room with a wool jacket and I still had blue fingernails. It was 80+ degrees a few feet away outside. The class is more focused on business and archives, so I will get a flavor for something other than information architecture or IT. Still, the added load of work sent me into a panic. I managed to finish most of the reading for next class. That's why I am up rather late. Tomorrow I need to reserve all my time to work for Software Evaluation. Thursday my mom comes! It will be exciting.

I am absolutely loving this song by Aphex Twin. You know, I have really been enjoying this IDM since my brother let me in on his secret music discoveries! Can I really go back to anything else now?
Tags: bible study, courses, schoolwork

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