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Work - break - and back

Let me just say that I don't feel comfortable when I am asked to explain something that I don't yet understand. Also, it's a terrible feeling when you are looking for an answer you think does not exist...but you need to find it anyway. This is how schoolwork is making me feel tonight!

I've got all the articles, textbooks, syllabi, and notebooks tossed about my bed. I can almost reach them from where I sit at my wooden desk. On the desktop are a dark chocolate candy bar, can of white birch beer, the Jaws DVD, a daily devotional book, an MGS3 Japanese guide book, an empty tea mug, and notes of fun things I want to remember.

Ok. Now I can continue working!! Usability textbook, here I come!

This week's schedule:

Monday: complete literature review and formulation of presentation notes and slides by 6pm
Tuesday: Bible study, prepare for presentation, complete reading of the Usability textbook, attend evening class
Wednesday: read essential homework for Thursday's class, study lecture notes for the midterm, attend evening Bible study
Thursday: study textbook for the midterm, attend Thursday evening class
Friday: CRAM for that midterm!!
Saturday: 9am-5pm class and midterm
Sunday: 9am-5pm class

Oh, wait...sometime in there I have to do the next three stages of the Software Evaluation, including:
-reviews and annotations of software
-summary sheets
-evaluation checklist version 1
-selection of a single, best, application and rationale

:) Mmm boy.
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