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Tofu, licorice, and major assignments

Today I have been eating a strange assortment of food as I complete preparations on my presentation and the reading of my software evaluation textbook. Between chicken, fried tofu, tootsie rolls, black licorice, golden oreos, banana muffins, and nori I have been keeping busy. I am almost done with the assignments. I have to review my notes and encourage myself for the presentation and only have about 3 pages of the textbook left. I am also getting along farther in the icon making, but I need a break to refresh my creativity.

I must say, I enjoyed sleeping in this morning and may go to bed early tonight.

Oh, and I have an advocate. An older lady from our church thinks I need to take a break from school before I burn out! :D Yay! (She is the same one who beats my dad at scrabble every week :p)

Well, I am awake, but perfectly content to sit and stare at my CRT monitor.

By the way, Metal Gear 20th Anniversary!
Tags: food, schoolwork

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