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Hina-chan! and Martin Luther

Yay, Claire-chan sent me scans of my favorite Clamp-duo today and I am so happy! :) Thank-you, again! To celebrate, I do what I always do:

In addition to playing with Paint Shop, I did actually do a little homework today... Well, I should have done more. I enjoyed sleeping in and napping this afternoon more, though. I decided it was too dangerous to do homework on my computer with it storming this afternoon, so I rested instead. Ah, the sound of the thunder was so peaceful as it rumbled in the distance. I needed this break after yesterday. I will have to work extra hard tomorrow to make up for today, though!

This evening I had fun watching an old 1953 movie about Martin Luther. It was fun. I like black and white movies every so often. It's very refreshing. One can focus on texture, on line, on shadow. I love art! :)
Tags: art, creation, manga, weather

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