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Characters refresher

I need a refresher.

Tea and snow.
Yukio. Hemophiliac, artist, opposition, wonder, content, soul.
Keiko. Quiet, curiosity, simplicity, moss and cloud.
Akitsugu. Loyalty, awareness, haunted, white and flame.
Masato. Righteousness, protection, leader, remnant.
Umeko. Blessing, torn, timing, place.
Katsutarou. Student, meeting, field and fortress, role.

Megumi. Rose quartz. Pennsylvania field. Young, free, amused.
Constance. Pearl. Church. Stalwart, wise, sure.
Ferdinanda. Citrine. Pacific's Opening. Costume, travel, adventure.
Deirdre. Amethyst. Museum. Sorrowful, books, nostalgia.
Ceile. Crystal. England & Aestalea. Ideal, weeping, sea.
Katzia. Topaz. Library & Babel. Faithful, vulnerable, willing.
Lymelae. Garnet. Defense, sword, whirlwind.
Iona. Sapphire. Game. Bold, daring, light-hearted.
Maia. Onyx. Dark, hidden, dreams.
Lissinen. Moss agate. Nara. Tea, art, nature.
Lynel. Amber. Gettysburg & Egypt. Film, university, telegraph, walk.

Star'ton. Short, clear, shell.
Fabia. Dark, polished stones, ribbons.
Finn. Silver, scholar, deaf.
Silas. Trustworthy, town center, carver.
Tabitha. Shy, loving, hats.
Tea. Home, playing cards, waiting.

Nie-nen-su. Prophetess, colorful, defiant, terrified.
Nal-ur-bal. Prince, honor, hope.
Op-ori-kalkum. Sight, power, fear, destruction.

I do this because I was inspired with a character idea; and in thinking about the new one, I couldn't recall why I enjoyed creating the others. Now I remember a little.
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