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The Strength of Loyalty/Obedience

I was thinking about the MGS3 women today.

One of them was called loyal.
The other was called obedient.

I think both of them were a balance of very strong and very loyal women.

It's interesting, because when someone is obedient, we think they are weak. Yet, the Boss was obedient to her mission and we call her the strongest character in the game! (Well, I do anyway^^) Then, sometimes I would get tempted to think of Eva as just a tool, until I saw her drive around the base on her bike and then explain her mission. Then I wonder how she can look so vulnerable on the outside.

I think strength is not something we see on the outside in the body or even in attitude, but it is hidden inside.

No one will know how strong we each are...
And when someone does see that, it is crushing.

Also, I think that to be obedient and to be loyal, we need to be very strong. We always are tempted to act out of however we personally feel, and often this conflicts others, even others over us. If we put something bigger than us higher than ourselves, we will have to sacrifice. I know the boss isn't real, but...ah, I know there are some who have sacrificed that much and it stings. Because I know that as I stand right now, I could not do the same. I am not yet that strong. And sometimes I feel that people have this sense that Christians are weak because they just submit and do as they are told. But, you know, to submit takes all the will-power and sacrifice in the world - and then some. It takes a very strong person to be a Christian. I am still far from that ideal.

I think there is a value in the act of loyalty, though. By the act, we demonstrate that we know something is bigger than us and worth more than us. The Boss valued her country more than anything in her life and more than her life - she valued it even when they abandoned her and gave her that awful mission just for politics. Reminds me of Christ in some way. Yet did the Boss complain? Did Socrates complain? Did Jesus defend himself? No, they saw something as bigger than themselves and were loyal.

I need to learn more about loyalty.
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