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Cheesecake and radio dramas

Yesterday was a really nice day. I got good news on my grades in 794, which was relieving, and then had the rest of the day free. I was able to visit a friend upstairs from Bible study for a few hours. We chatted about books and travel over cheesecake, green grapes, and strawberries. Then we listened to 40 minutes of a radio dramatization of Little Women. The story is really nice (though, shamefully, I have never read the book) and it was very fun to listen to it.

I must say, listening to the radio drama was a lot of fun! I kind of wish I could sit back and listen to other traditional ones like The Shadow and Lights Out :p That is some fun stuff! My father found a website with downloads of some of those old broadcasts and they are so entertaining - while being rather ridiculous^^

The rest of the evening I tried to work with Animation Shop and my eyes got really tired. I stayed up later than I meant to, but I could sleep in this morning. And let me just say that sleeping in felt great! :) I woke up around 10 to make preparations for the icon contest... I am excited!

Now I need to eat something and get to work on the reading I have been putting off. Also, I need to catch up on daily bread.
Tags: food, schoolwork

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