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A day from a different point-of-view

This is how my mind functions.

Today I made two very tasty meals.
For lunch, I chopped up hard-boiled eggs and celery and mixed them with horseradish-mayonnaise to make egg salad. I sandwiched this between two squares of matza with cheese. It was quite wonderful!
For dinner I fried up big slices of onions and broccoli along with a hamburger. Add salt, pepper, a hint of soy sauce, and a slice of cheese to make one tasty meal!

In between reading paragraphs of my homework for Electronic Records Management, I chatted with my friend Claire and my parents on IM. The reading was all about legal issues, so it was informative but took me a while to grasp. I am working through it slowly.

I decided that I needed a broader selection of Vast's songs on my computer's playlist, so I transferred some more over from CD. "Put me on a ship that is sinking..." While eating dinner, I was thinking/singing some of the lines of Touched, then thought about how I should listen to Nuper rosarum flores. Earlier, though, I was lazy and left my Dj Doboy techno playlist run.
My roommate and I talked about concerts today at lunch, and I told her about the very cool style of Daedelus. Nobody can look so cool as he does at a concert! She and I agreed that we aren't really concert goers, but sometimes I do really wish I could go to some. Take for example, the Great Big Sea concert. I am still hoping to make one of those someday. I can't imagine how much fun they have!

It's supposedly really hot outside today. I didn't make it outside at all, so I am not sure if this is true. Also, we cannot open our windows farther than maybe 3 inches, so it is pointless to bother tugging at the glitchy metal latches to get them open. It makes me sad that I can't get some nice fresh breezes.
Because my big lamp bulb died, I have moved the cute antique-style lamp from the bedside thing (too small to be a dresser or a storage cabinet, so it is empty) to the bookshelf behind my desk. It works, but I can feel the darkness at either end of my long room creeping in...
Because I am still living with this wooden chair, I decided to do the next best thing - convert my giant foot-shaped pillow into a cushion. Because the foot pillow is about as long as me, it must look pretty silly hanging over the edges of the chair! :p

A few days ago as I was walking to class, I saw a big, crude-looking crane fly over the bridge behind my building. It was pretty cool, so I stopped to watch it. It seemed so big and awkward. As I crossed the bridge, then, I saw some tiny blue dragonflies. So delicate.
What a nice contrast.
Yesterday morning, Sunday, there were four students sitting at the steps of a large library. Two more soon joined at the same time the professor came to unlock the door. It was nice to sit and chat with fellow students, and I felt, for some reason, that I had been transported through time back many years. It was a pleasant feeling.

This is typical of what happens when I am cooking and eating (which is always alone these months):
-Quietly singing the lyrics from Touched: "I looked into your eyes and saw/A world that does not exist/I looked into your eyes/And saw a world that I wish I was in" that don't exist and art of the poet's mind
-I love the part in Socrates' Republic (was it that one?) where he describes poets. They are not the ones to be credited with their "skill" for it is not they who learn to be poets, but the gods who inspire and speak through them.
-It is good that man should not take glory that is not his. Let it be given to God. And let man be glorified by God, as God gives freely to those who seek His face.
-I think this applies for artists and poets alike. I wonder if others would agree?
-I should read more Socrates.
-Well, back a few months ago I was lamenting the fact that I had not majored in the Classics. I still feel like I need a stronger background in the Classics. Once I have time, maybe.
-I love Sophocles, too, but I can't remember why. What was it about his style?
-And I would not have known any of this were it not for a failed English exam.
-Hmm, I should write to my English professor - she was the kindest lady...
-I am always surprised when I reflect on how happy my high school teachers were when I wrote them last summer. Should I write them again? I like hearing from them, but I have no news.
-Ah, Hina-chan! I wonder if everyone thinks I am like her? Am I?
-I should not question who I am and look to be something I am not when I am put here and given a life to live. I need to live out the present and not waste it all on worrying about the past or the future. That's why I need to work hard and enjoy all the good things - like this dinner and indoor running water.
-I am a messy dishwasher. I get the bubbles everywhere!
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