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Links List

I updated my links list to include all kinds of fun things!

I decided that I should include some interesting links that have been sitting alone in my bookmarks folder. I don't even have time to visit them. But maybe others will find something interesting...

-Bible Gateway
-Daily Bread
-New Hope Church
-Washington UBF
-Search the Scriptures

-ES Posthumus
-Björk (albums)
-Björk (lyrics)
-Dj Doboy Radio

-Quotes from Dune
-Akkadian Writing Chart
-Read Ancient Manuscripts
-Braille Transcription

-Western Names App
-Names Database
-Japanese Names

-Virtual Gettysburg
-Visit the Sistine Chapel
-Minoan Akrotiri Exhibit
-Art Renewal Center

-Indiana Jones Prop Replicas
-World Crafts Village

-Koch Morse Code Trainer
-Old Time Radio Shows
-Nerd News (Kotaku)

If you are curious to see why I marked some of these, or want to learn more, I have some details behind the cut...

Bible Gateway: This is a nice, efficient online Bible. I use it more than others, though it is not the only one that is available. If you want a Bible that contains the Greek and Hebrew, try the Blue Letter Bible.
Daily Bread: This is where I get the source passages for my daily bread updates. I usually don't write about the same topics or ideas, but sometimes I draw ideas from them.
New Hope Church: My home church! :D
Washington UBF: My church in Washington!
If you go to the site, you can find pictures of me on the homepage ^__~ Can you find me?
Search the Scriptures: I designed this small site for the campus Bible study in which I participate. It is simple, but I had fun making it^^


ES Posthumus: Their album is online and I recommend it to anyone who is either
1) interested in ancient cities,
2) likes soundtrack music by John Williams, or
3) could go for something more traditional with a modern flair.
Björk (albums): Ohh, so many albums. And the site includes album art! Yay! I need to save up money in the next few years to get her Surrounded box set. Right now the only music of hers that I own is Family Tree.
Björk (lyrics): The way she sings words makes my mind turn them over, each at a time, as examining a gem. We need to do this more often, carefully examining powerful things that we take for granted in such a multi-media world. That's my idea, anyway.
Vast: I love this music. I think it is a combination of the actual instruments, tone, vocals, and the spirit of the whole. Vast has a unique flavor and some deep messages. I savor these songs.
Dj Doboy Radio: This is how I keep up with life! Techno vocal editions make me happy XD I am more recently branching into IDM, but I still love a good techno mix.
Delerium: Pandora never knew quite what to make of Delerium. I consider their work to be airy and imaginative, sometimes light and othertimes dark, but always somehow disconnected from the grounded reality. Also, their album art is beautiful!


Quotes from Dune: Dune is only one of the best novels of all time (in my opinion^^). There is a lot of wisdom to ponder here. Like spanunngsbogen.
Akkadian Writing Chart: Because everyone should know how to write their name in Cuneiform!! XD
Read Ancient Manuscripts: Want to read the actual Lindisfarne Gospels, Jane Austen's History of England, or the first atlas of Europe? You can do it thanks to the British Museum!
Braille Transcription: Yes, it's Braille again. I will learn it...eventually.


Western Names App: This is a fun, addicting applet that shows you a chart of how popular a name has been over the past 200 years or so. It's interactive and fun^^
Names Database: Since I don't have my names books here, I use this. They also include related information such as famous people, comments, and popularity.
Japanese Names: Search for Japanese names based on meaning or sound. (In Japanese)


Virtual Gettysburg: Gettysburg is a special place. This site lets you search for information and pictures of the monuments and much, much more.
Visit the Sistine Chapel: You can zoom in on the detail of each piece of the chapel ceiling and also the wall painting. It is really cool.
Minoan Akrotiri Exhibit: Thera holds a special place in my heart thanks to Fate of Atlantis^^ My story is based on this culture. See some images of the wall paintings here. It is a nicely laid out site.
Art Renewal Center: If you love fine art, this site is what you need! I love browsing through paintings here.


Indiana Jones Prop Replicas: I want this stuff!! :D Look how cool it is! You can buy it, if you have the money... I better save up^^
World Crafts Village: Buy crafts made all over the world and help people. :)


Koch Morse Code Trainer: I need to work on my Morse Code...
Old Time Radio Shows: My dad found this. These are really amusing^^
Nerd News (Kotaku): My brother reads this daily, so I figure I will follow suit! I need to keep up my level of nerdness while away from computer-programmers.
Tags: art, web dev

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