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Working working on website!

Yes, up till 4 am with energy to spare coding in a crazy amount of random Dune vocab and phrases which I got out of the Dune Encyclopedia. I tried to cite all the stuff cause I feel paranoid or somethin'. It isn't up just yet but my regular blog page IS!

I am happy :) I am busy too, and I have ta work on my projects at some point..eww...I like coding soo much better than writing papers for class. saa nani ga shimashyooo ka [that is probably not right..uhh..chigau desu ka]
And noc herry blossom trip today ;_____; I am sad. I wanted to see the cherry blossom dripping in the rain and the musicians and the sad. Just cause it is supposed to storm. Grr..I would still go.

So, it is a day of webwork and homework and whatever else comes - maybe more Chinese?!?

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