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Time and usefulness

My perspective on time is very narrow.

I need to again study the life of Abraham. How he left his homeland to journey to a place God would show him...later. Also, how he had to wait many years before the birth of his promised son. All those years, how did he feel?

How pure was his faith after this!

And while I am at it, I should remind myself of Jesus' ministry. Then, maybe, I can see the perseverance that is building up in this experience - building up into hope. I shouldn't always groan about it, but I should take advantage of the opportunity to train. All these years I feel were aimless were not, really. And my continued sense of aimlessness is only my own anxiety pulling down the stronghold of faith in my mind stone by stone. No, I must build it up again! I am not useless. And if God has some place for me, then He will see me there, somehow. Even if He has to part the seas!!

I just can't help but feel troubled.
(Mark 9:24)...said with tears, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!"
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