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Thunder always takes me by surprise. So does darkness. During quiet, daylight I imagine them to be rather dull. Yet when I experience them, there is some kind of power there that I can't take for granted.

Yesterday, our second group presentation was completed! :D

I read Exodus 1-13 while waiting for class. During that reading, Exodus 6 struck me. How hard it is to listen to comforting words when we are suffering.

My roommate has a friend over and the three of us enjoyed a fun conversation over bibimbap. :) I told my "hedgehog", "utsukushii," and "Russian roommate" stories!

I can't believe the summer session is already over halfway done with the end closing in on me in less than two weeks. Mmmm. I have to start my final projects and papers NOW! Off I go to the WAM lab again...
Tags: exodus, food, schoolwork

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