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I need a break!

I was previously not happy with the way I had made this icon - but I shifted the small thumbnails and then lightened the background, and so I think I am now pleased with it!

I worked on my Software evaluation checklist and slides today. I think they are about ready to go. I hope the 15 page paper will be as quick to write as I expect it to be... Tomorrow I get to work more on the other paper that is due this Thursday.

I am really enjoying the newer vocal editions by Dj Doboy. They are much darker than usual. Volume 23 starts out so great with a remix of Sound of Silence.

I am not sure if we have a quiz tomorrow on Romans or not? I should review just in case...

I saw a poster on which someone had practiced their Braille on campus the other day. I want to take those Braille lessons... I also have Rome Total War waiting for me. Egypt is harassing me. Then, there's those languages I want to study and the cooking I want to do. Also, I gotta go to the Tabernacle XD The one in Lancaster, that is. I can't wait until I am out of classes for more than two weeks. I can't think about that now, though, or I will get restless and distracted. Wait...I already am :p

I have the munchies. Food, where are you?
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