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Afternoon of schoolwork

8am-4pm: writing papers almost in a constant stream. My fingers actually hurt from typing!

I have a stiff muscle in my neck from too much stressed computer use.
Also, I have eaten one of my last stringed cheese...
Time is making way for victory!

My roommate and I are helping each other at this point. I sneakily left her tootsie rolls and let her borrow my thermos for tea as she went to take her final this evening. She brought back lunch from Panda Express and shared the lo mein and orange chicken with me. We are going to have brownies someday soon, too...

In addition to school work, I am making plans for next week. Plans are in the works to visit a friend and have a lunch aboard a boat. I am really excited about it! Also, I got news about Buckit Week and I am really looking forward to this, too. It will be interesting to spend time in study and fellowship with new (and old) Christian friends.

And now, a much-needed break to go study Romans. :)
Tags: daily, food, schoolwork

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