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The way it used to be


"What is it that you do here at the temple?"
"Why, we conduct services and study."
"Because it is right."

"What else do you do here?"
"Oh, that's it. That's all I have to do. It's enough.
Don't you think it's great? I am so happy I can work here and get away from those outside."

"You compare yourself to those outside this place. The more important question is: do you compare yourself to the One who waits inside the veil?"
"I have nothing to fear."
"1 John 1:8"
"I know I am not perfect."
"But do you acknowledge that you are responsible? Or, do you admit that your acts are more than can simply be overlooked? Do you recognize the price of your life?"
"Hey, I didn't do anything!"

"Then, tell me. How do you live?
You stay hidden here, halfway between others and God, locked within yourself. You cannot serve God with self-righteous sacrifices. Read I John 2:11. Read not for knowledge but for wisdom. 1 Corinthians 8:1.

And look. Look and see.
Do your prayers only satisfy yourself or do they reach out to those in need? Luke 18:9. Is the heart of the shepherd, the fisherman, the unworthy servant - are these your heart? Remember why he came. Matthew 9:13.

What is most important to you?
Around what does your mind revolve? What secrets do you try to hide? What ideals do you have in mind? "Are they for His glory...or for yours?"

Answer me.
And do not give me words - give me the answer.
Without words, can you give me an answer?"



"Finally. This is appreciation. This is joy. This is good."
"It is indeed. But wait, what of the depth?"

"The closer I look, the more dim it becomes, like a star."
"When you look with mortal eyes.
When you look with the eyes of the mind, though, you see it clearly, for you know it. When you learn of the star, you know that it is massive, burning with the flames of the ages, and mighty in power. The more you know of the star, the more you should see of it."

"So why is it that I see nothing when I look closely?"
"It is because you are looking at nothing (mu)."
"But I have looked all around and this is all I have found."
"That because you were not really looking in the first place. Look again."

From Pharisee to Gentile. From Gentile to be grafted back into the tree.
Tags: christian, humility, i corinthians, i john, luke, matthew, me, repentance, self-betrayal, self-examination, truth

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