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Beautiful Dawn

Early morning prayer meeting

sky touched gold
dark sanctuary of prayer
a sole voice singing

This morning was beautiful.

We met together, kindred from Asia, Africa, America. We met while the sky was still dark royal blue, though the edge of the sky, yes the far reaches of the dome of the sky, were kindled with golden peach. 5:30am.

We met to hear a meditation on the passage - Luke 20:38 "He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive." A message of living hope that means more than these mortal questions of death or marriage. After the message, two-by-two prayer. Prayer for our missionaries in China, Taiwan, Germany, and Korea. Prayer for our messengers, those who bear the word of God before the people. Prayer for our summer conference. Then, pair by pair, the voices trail off. Everyone finds their place.

Their place to pray.
Their place to meditate.
Their place to sing a hymn to heaven.

Facing the east, we people call upon the name of the LORD our God. And a single voice sings 'Just as I am.' The sky is bright with light. The light of dawn. 6:40am.
Tags: daily bread, morning, praise, prayer, scene, song, xanthe

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