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Daily Meditation, Romans 8, Plans

Daily Meditation
Topic: Be still and know.

This morning at the prayer meeting I took my individual time to meditate. I want to find the peace of the presence of God and know Him. I pray so much, yet I still don't know God very well. I don't want that to be the case.
The Psalm tells me: Be still and know!
The singer echoes in hymn.

Since returning, I have been working on my reflection for Romans chapter 8. It is progressing! As I work, I am watching the sun rise higher and higher. The dark rain clouds that filtered the light into gold at dawn have been thinning out, stretching farther and farther. At the top, they are breaking up into white pieces of mosaic. At the bottom, they blend into a yellow backdrop behind the line of the trees. There is magic here in the heavens. The magic of creation.

Today's other plans include buying groceries and putting away my folded laundry.
By the way, it's a good thing I had the phone on vibrate and set it on my wooden dresser. My alarm definitely did not wake me up today! :p I was dreaming about those little planes that fly right next to my building and taunt me so. In my dream one was flying up and down right outside my window. Gah!! I just went to grab my cell phone to take a photo of the plane when my cell phone went off >.>!
Ah, and the roof of my mouth is still sore from boiling tofu soup yesterday! Oww. I thought it had cooled enough, but, I was wrong. And now it hurts to eat anything, since it's all raw and swollen. Ouch. At least the tofu soup was delicious :D As long as my mouth heals up all right, I will call the pain worth it ^__^
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