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Helping out and receiving bingsu!

Is it possible that in one week I play the roles of navigator, landlord, and secretary?
Yes, it's called being a friend ^__^

The highlight of today included a trip to Fuddruckers and Shilla Bakery in Virginia! I love 1/2 lb hamburgers with all the fixings. Also, their fries were delicious and complemented the raspberry tea very well! The Shilla Bakery is also more than wonderful. I am in love with their frozen yogurt. It has a sour tint to the taste, making it unique and refreshing. Also, their green tea bingsu was also really cool! It was a big bowl of green tea ice cream, shaved ice, and melon. Waa! I love it^^

Tomorrow we will clean our rooms and I will begin to pack for the conferences. It's going to take the whole day, I think, since there is dust everywhere...

I'm going to prove the impossible really exists
This is really dangerous - Cover me

(By the way, I need a Korean-themed icon!)
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