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Packing, preparing

All the clothes and accessories that I need to pack for next week's conferences are strewn across my bed. There is one last load of towels in the dryer, so I will add these when I am done. I can't believe that this all starts on Sunday, the day after tomorrow!

In addition to packing items, I need to finish the writing of my life testimony. It has gone through a draft or two and is on it's way :) I am so excited!

While I am away, my parents will also be traveling for koinonia and pleasure. I am excited for them :D Yay! I just wonder what trouble my brother will get into having the whole house to himself... Don't shake the foundations with the IDM!

After this semester and week, I am exhausted. I did take a nap earlier, but I had crazy dreams about flame wars. Maybe I need another nap...

Tonight I will be going to a graduation party and then prayer meeting - which should be lots of fun^^ They are going to have all kinds of good food and I am excited to hear the message :)

Tomorrow I will be going into DC. I need to study the metro map and get myself oriented sometime today. I hate that initial feeling of "I have no idea how this system works" when you go to a new country or ride a new subway :p But once I learn the ropes, it will be fine.

These days are busy - almost too busy.
I am so exhausted, but so content!
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