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Summer vacation - part one

I am finally home for summer vacation for a few weeks :)
Here is an account of the first few days at home, starting Monday when I was back at University of Maryland.

Monday Journey
-Woke up at 11
-Finished packing, cooked brownies with Jaeyoon
-Family arrived at 1
-The four of us and my roommate Jae ate sandwiches and chatted :D (Eating fellowship!)
-We left around 2:30
-Arrived safely in Gettysburg around 4
-The six of us ate corned beef sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad, along with white coconut cake and cantalope for dessert (eating fellowship 2!!)
-Visited for a few hours, fed the fish, dug up two potatoes, and then drove home (Matt drove)
-Stopped for ice cream at McDonald's and then unpacked a little at home before crashing into bed

Tuesday Transformers
-Woke up at a quarter after 9
-Cleaned out my computer
-Ate a hot dog and beef soup
-Went to the mall, stopping at Borders on the way to the movies
-At Borders, debated between buying a Vast or Bjork CD - I ended up getting Vespertine by Bjork (It is so beautiful...)
-Watched the Transformers movie with my brother - It was really fun XD (But Optimus was missing his trailer and roller, I got confused what happened at the end, Bumblebee is not a camero, and there was no Hound. Otherwise, it was highly entertaining XD)
-Returned home for sesame chicken and rice
-Visited gram and pap for the rest of the evening (Gram made the most delicious apple pie with a crumb topping and it went perfectly with the vanilla ice cream!! <3)

Wednesday Rest
-Woke up at 11
-Chicken salad sandwich for lunch
-Wandered around Lewisburg waiting for the Irish store to open, stopped at the comic book store, bought nothing
-Went to the chiropractor
-Dinner of shake and bake (I coated the chicken, buttered up the potatoes, and watched the boiling corn on the cob... :3)
-After dinner, mom and dad walked me through the photos they took in Washington - it was really beautiful :) I am so glad that they could go!
-Played frisbee outside and then sat on the swing and watched the indigo color fall upon the western horizon
-Watched old Transformers episodes we had taped from TV and ate popcorn - YAY!!!
-Watched the news and got a snack of cantalope and blueberries before going to bed

Thursday Feast
-Woke up at 9
-Watched Matt play Oblivion
-The family went to Red Lobster where I got the Sailor's Platter (shrimp scampi, breaded shrimp, fish, mashed potatoes, cheesy biscuits, and a Caesar salad. Delicious.)
-We then returned books at the library, stopped by the book and music stores (where I bought nothing), and then came home
-Watched Matt beat the Oblivion doom-area and buy his first home in the game^^
-Checked email and deleted spam
-Updated livejournal

It has been so long since I have been able to spend time here with my family. So I am really having fun and enjoying my time^^ Still, it has been very busy and I am tired out from all the excitement! :)

The only other random news I have is my hunting of a copy of a certain recent Transformers comic... I haven't spent money in so long and now I am in a spending mood. Oh no!
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