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Busy doing very little

Just like last week, I have been spending this week resting.

I sleep in during the mornings and go to bed early at night. During the afternoon and evenings, I watch TV with my family and chat with them about a variety of things. Sometimes I play a stray game of Stepmania or read scattered things lying about the house. At meal times, I help mom cut up vegetables and stir the mixed ingredients as they cook on the stove. Some days we go out to visit family or church friends. Other nights we play frisbee in the backyard. We fit in one game of Scattergories so far. Also, I have been catching up on the new music I and my brother have purchased.

Mostly, when we have free time, my brother and I watch old taped Transformers episodes. This evening we watched the one about Atlantis and found it to be pretty silly. Oh, well, there is a Bill Nye episode following that on the tape, so it makes up for it!! We also watched Mythbusters (they tested the Archimedes light ray attack and methods for removing skunk odor). We also watched Cash Cab (the first time I saw this show) and a program about the Underground worlds of various cities (tonight was Paris). I am not used to watching so much TV since I do not own a TV at college, but it is a nice way to let my brain rest from the intense study of the semesters.

I think that by next week I should be thoroughly rested and able to function well again! Sorry to those who have been looking for me on IM. I should have more time this week to chat since my brother is back at work (he took last week off to spend time with me). I will be in Gettysburg all day Friday, though. I must say, these days are flying past me... I hope you all are well and enjoying your summers! Best wishes to all of you who are still taking summer classes or working!
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