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Summer Continues

Wednesday: We did corn. I did not know what this meant until this past week.
We only had 27 ears, but the method we used is what is used for 100-300 ears at a time. First, we boiled a bunch of ears (5-7) in a big pot on the stove for about 7 minutes. Once they are done, we pull them out of the pot and drop them in another large pot (in this case, the sink) of cool water to chill the corn. While they are cooling, more ears are put in the boiling pot for another seven minutes. Once the next round of seven minutes is up, the ears that are cooling are moved to another large pot. This last pot is ice cold water with floating ice cubes. Here, the corn finally cools to the right temperature. The corn in the boiling pot is moved to the sink of cool water and raw corn is put into the boiling water. This gets repeated for as many ears as you have. I was in charge of replacing the sink of cool water and adding ice to the pot of ice water, since these warm up with the addition of boiling ears of corn. Also, I was in charge of shifting ears from one pot to the next and timing these shifts. My mother, then, took the iced corn outside and cut off all the kernels. The corn was then bagged and frozen for storage until Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner-time. Unfortunately, it got dark outside as we continued this process (it took about two hours ) and so I went out with a flashlight while mom finished cutting the last few ears. ^^ It was fun, but a lot of work!
In addition to the peaches and the corn, we have received a gift of fresh tomatoes and concord grapes from a nice couple in the congregation. Growing food is fun!

Thursday: My father and I took a trip to the Tabernacle replica in Lancaster. It was a really nice afternoon, though the traffic around Lancaster is possibly worse than the DC loop. o_O On the way, we ate tasty chicken salad sandwiches. We also saw a number of car accidents. We safely arrived about noon.
The Tabernacle tour was very nice. They have the outer courtyard outside. It was here that they began the tour by explaining what people would do upon arrival and how the sacrifices were conducted. Then we went inside the Tabernacle itself. There we learned about the construction of the walls and the different pieces inside. It was really interesting to see how the design was prescribed in a way that made it easy to quickly de-assemble and move the structure. The walls were composed of panels that sat on flat post-bases. To hold the panels together, each panel had loops to hold a pole that was run the entire length of the building at the bottom, middle, and top. This long pole was screwed together out of shorter poles. The entire structure was then covered in four layers of fabric, the last being leather so the structure was also waterproof. Interesting! After the tour, we bought some materials about it. We haven't had time to read these yet, though.

Friday: In the morning, we finished birthday work for my brother's party (involves us going to gram and pap's house for ice cream, cake, and gifts^^). Then we baked a cake for the church picnic on Saturday. About this time, I thought I heard thunder... As it turns out, it was raining! It has only rained a couple of times all summer (only once since I have been home). So, mom and I ran out to get the clothes on the line. Just in time, too. It really rained and stormed and even hailed. We ate lunch listening to it. I hear that in Muncy the hail was so bad that it actually broke car windshields.
In the afternoon, I took care of some paperwork to secure my TA position in the fall. This semester I will be working with two professors and two sections but for the same number of hours. The workload is making me nervous... Anyway, Friday evening we spent playing cards and eating homemade ice cream at the home of a couple from our church. It was fun!

Saturday: Today we will husk corn and cook it and a bunch of hot dogs for the church picnic at 5:00. We also need to prepare the games and prizes. Also, there is always cooking and laundry here at home to help do. Off I go!
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