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Last week of summer

Today marks the final day of preparation before returning to school. I am looking forward to my classes, but not to the intense workload. At least I could enjoy my last week at home!

On Tuesday, mom and I went to the mall to see Becoming Jane. I really enjoyed the movie. Though it was sad, the story was really beautiful. Simply going to the theatre to see the movie together with my mom was a fun experience. After the movie, I bought the second part of my War Within comics. The second volume is drawn by a different artist, so the style is unique. All the autobots look weather-worn, which is appropriate to the plot.

Wednesday, Matt and I watched 300 and ate P'Zones. It was our first time trying them, and I think the consensus is that the P'Zone is delicious! I prefer the meaty to the classic since I am sick of peppers. The movie was fun! Matt told me I wouldn't enjoy it, but I really did. Though it is rather ridiculous at times, the style and art of the film is entertaining. Also, the characters are very interesting. I would watch it again, I think.

Thursday, dad and I went out to lunch, got donuts, and visited the comic/game store. It was fun, though we didn't buy anything in the store. I saw some old Star Wars figurines for sale, which was interesting. I leafed through the TF comics, but decided I have bought enough for one summer. We got those chicken wraps for lunch at McDonald's and they were quite tasty. We were going to finish up with donuts, but my father got a call and had to go to the hospital. Pastors, like doctors, are always on call, it seems. Well, we will eat the donuts later :)
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