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Summer Account (in Photos)

A post in photos behind the cut.

Matt and Pap's birthday parties included picnic dinners, tasty cakes, and fun presents.

...At the party, mom lunges!
Megan dodges!

We celebrated my grandmother's birthday at a fancy restaurant that is inside an old barn!!

Dot (aka Creamsicle) says hello.
Abby wants to be petted.

Dot and Alice are sisters.
They love to be together :)

Dad and I made cookies.
Of course, we all know that the batter is better than the final product!

Corn attacks our kitchen!

We fight back by boiling, then blanching (chilling) it for later consumption.

My feet underwent an ionic bath this summer. Yuck, look what toxins came out of my body through my feet!!

Gram and pap's house borders farm land. Their barn, though, is a wood-working shop.

This year, the field behind their house grew wheat. Other years it grows corn or soybeans.
Gram, pap, Matt, and I pose for a photo with the sisters Dot and Alice^^

My hometown. We live at the foot of the hill. All the large, expensive houses stand at the top of the hill.
We have interesting insects come visit our house on occasion.

My living room.
My brother's desk. Transformers party!

Attack of the peaches!!

The power of the peaches is harnessed in a cobbler.

We also made peach bread, peach pancakes, peach tea (though we used jello for that), and we ate raw peaches, too.

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