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Buying over the summer

I spent money that I don't really have this summer.

Vespertine, CD by Bjork
Transformers: War Within Parts I and II
Human Behavior and Army of Me, songs by Bjork

Shopping is dangerous because it makes me want more!

Well, I will have to wait for the comic I really want because the aggregate volume won't be published until Feb of 2008. In it, Hound is the commander of a mission on Cybertron. Sounds fun! I will have to put it on my birthday list...

Actually, the past two days I have been craving to play Stepmania most of all. I need to leap a few levels in skill, from the "hard level" to the "oni" level... I can pass most of my Stepmix 1.0 songs (such as "Castles in the Sky" and "Legacy") with an AA score (the highest score), but I am not yet ready to take on "Concrete Dandelions" or Aphex's "Bouncing Ball". Don't worry Matt, I will join you on the pinnacle of Stepmania skills...eventually.
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