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Work before school

Since school doesn't start until Wednesday, I am spending my first few days back at Maryland working on the new website for my home church. Currently, I am typing up outlines for the messages. As I am doing so, I am catching up on all the sermons I missed! I have been working on Psalms-Lamentations, books of poetry and prophecy. I am glad to have this to do since I hear it is unbearably hot outside. I may take a break soon to play a game or listen to music, but Rome: Total War is still where I left off (Egypt ready to slaughter me) and as for Fate of Atlantis...well, let's just say that when you can remember what every room looks like before you go inside, it means I need to take time for a different game...

By the way, did you all know that Lucas Arts announced that they will be releasing a Lego: Indiana Jones game? I am very excited! :D
Tags: church, games

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