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Earth, as a bead; Aurora in the sky -- Remain

The waters
He has drawn into a sphere,
forms a hanging world
Earth, as a bead of dew,
rests on leaf's edge

His hand carves great glaciers
palaces of ice
mounted on high northern peaks
To the cold white
He brings color and light -
Aurora dawn

John 15 - "Remain in me" "Abide in me"
Though remain seems like a static verb, it is not. In order to remain near Jesus' side, we must follow him. We are told that the Christian life is a walk with God. We need to set our minds on Him and seek to pray without ceasing, among other activities such as loving one another, seeking His will, and encouraging one another.

The Christian life is very active, indeed!
Tags: christian, creation, john, poetry, scene

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