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My Atlantis paper is done, gone, finished, and I dont have to sorry about it anymore!!! YAY! And I can sleep in till 9 tomorrow! Life is good *sits back and sighs happily^^*
Frodo-kun plushie looks as relaxed as me - he is so cute!!

I must now work more on my site, now that I have some time(not really but I need something to do to chill for a bit). I also am trying to work out the list of gemstones I am using as the themes for my story..I was gonna use the 12 from New Jerusalem, but that seems a bit too sacriligous, could do the 12 months of the year, but those are too bright as far as colors go...I am going to think on it. I want to make more layouts, but I love my Paul one so much :D That reminds me..I wanna watch Children of Dune...yarg.

*Megan sighs and almost falls asleep..* Yeah, on my to-do list, I must add REST somewhere in there ^^

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