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I was thinking about this today. What does it mean to cling to something that is not tangible? How can we "cling to what is good" (Romans 12:9)? How can we cling to truth? How does that work, practically?

I thought about the phrase "[thing] is at the center of his universe." When I hear that phrase, I imagine someone constantly thinking about [thing] and always wondering how to get more of [thing]. So, I thought to myself,

what do I think about all day long?
what is always on my mind?
around what does my mind (and my life) revolve?
what am I eagerly waiting for?
what do I delight in and with what do I fill myself?

I think that the answer is the thing to which I cling. I feed myself on it with my thoughts.
So, is it God and his goodness that is at the center of my universe? Or empty cisterns?

The reason I got thinking about it is because I have been very distracted recently and my mind keeps turning back to a certain thought. It's not that I am trying to cling to this thought, but it seems as though it were clinging to me! I can't shake it.

If I were convinced that this were a "troubling thought", I could look to John 14:1. But I am not yet sure. At the moment, it is distracting and slightly saddening, but... bitter-sweet.

In other news-

Dinner: rice w/furikake; carrots, celery, and cheese with Italian dressing and horseradish
Homework: partially complete for Wednesday
To do now: get to bed for EMPM
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