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Decision making

When making a decision, we are told to list all the possibilities and then weigh/measure them against criteria, thus determining the best choice.

My decision: what to do at the end of the semester?

I could list all my possibilities. I could share my secret desires. You would see such criteria as: location, assurance of housing, availability of transportation, potential for Bible study/teaching, and presence of loved ones. There's a lot that could be said and it is all scribbled in blue pen in the back of my decision making notebook.

In my case, though, I have identified only one determining criteria.

No matter how much I want to be a support there.
No matter how strong my sense of responsibility to the mission.
No matter how bold my heart wishes to be in search of its desires.

I will seek to find the option that meets this criteria:
Where will I be most able to contribute to my God's will of goodness and kindness?

This is what I balance my future on, because my own will is passing and imperfect - but His will is unfailing in all truth, love, and righteousness.

But so far I cannot say what the answer is. This morning's Bible study challenged me more so that now I am all a-tangle. I thought I was willing to be obedient, but am I? I am so sure of my own ideas that I have no room to accept anything more. Or is it more? I need discernment to see what is my own passing will and what is eternal will.

That's why I am unsure, as you know.
That's why I stand back, as I wish I could tell you.
That's why I wonder, I say to you who is not listening.

Have you guessed at my questions?
Have you evaluated the possibilities?

All I want to do is fulfill my purpose.

To complete that which was begun.
From Genesis 1:26. To John 3:3.
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