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Dune - in the midst of things

When I have a spare ten minutes here or there, I am feeding myself on spice!! That is, I am reading through my Dune novel. I have already passed page 150. So far, I am really enjoying it^^ The characters and worlds of the Dune Chronicles are just so rich. I can't wait for Paul to return! I hope he does, anyway!
Oddly enough, I am also enjoying reading about the character of Uxtal - one of the Bene Tleilax. I never was very interested in any individual character of that race/world, but he is someone I feel I can relate to -- he's busy, busy, busy, and just trying to do what he knows how! Besides this, the story deals with lots of other topics (as usual) - ideas of history, memory, femininity, genetics, and politics, among other things. I can't wait to reread all of Dune! :)

In other news, classes went well this week, though I have a lot of homework to get done. I also have a lot of work associated with my TA position. As of yesterday, I think I was caught up in all the homework, at least. Now it is this week's wave of homework that faces me! Soon the tides will all roll away - leading me from a river of trouble to an ocean of trouble, perhaps! Well, that can wait^^
I am feeling better, but my nose is now stuffy. To correct this, I slept a long time this morning... I had soup for lunch and am on my way to getting a Sudafed. Next will be...reading for 795, I think.
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