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My dream house

Living room: It would focus on 'light.' The color scheme would be light and bright - lots of whites, yellows, greens, coppers, and other earthy tones. The furniture would be very plain and there would be lots of bookshelves. A window seat would be set off to one side of the room. Also, there would be an N-64 and a PS3 plugged into the TV.

Kitchen: Would include a rice cooker and plenty of casserole dishes. I wouldn't need cookie sheets, since the batter would never make it that far! :p A shelving unit against the wall would hold jars of tea and a good stock supply of dark chocolate. There would also be a huge chalkboard on one wall where I could write notes and sketch out ideas for novels and poetry.

Small room: Would be painted with a Minoan-style mural. There would be no furniture except a low table and some Japanese style cushions. Books and atlases and Bibles (all in various languages) would be laid out over all the table space. Maybe I would reserve one wall for timelines and maps. This would be my space of study, reflection, and prayer.

Bedroom: The palette would include dark, rich browns and purples and maybe Japanese in style. A futon and tatami would be ideal! Perhaps a large, simple b/w calligraphy on the wall. One corner would be devoted to my ham radio set, complete with telegraph, repeater, and headphones. Stained glass windows might be a cool touch! Oh, and I can't forget the prism glasses that would be...somewhere in the room. They belong in the ceiling, but if they cannot filter in light from the rooftop, then they wouldn't quite work. (Old ships used to use them)

Guest room: Would be normal. Including a Western bed, lighter colors - though the stained glass might be nice here, as well.

Bathroom: Ofuro.

The view outside: This is tough. It might be nice to be near the ocean, or near a stream, but then it could flood. In the forest, there would be insects to deal with. I haven't decided this yet!

That's my dream house, I think! :)
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